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Corporate values: integrity, professionalism, innovation, cooperation and win-win.

Corporate vision: Become a platform company where partners create dreams and customers' first choice.

Enterprise mission: manufacture the best rubber products in the world.

Enterprise development concept: creating value for customers is the only survival basis of Belo. Take the customer as the center to achieve a win-win situation for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Enterprise employment concept: system selects people, performance eliminates people. Let partners with outstanding contributions be famous, beneficial and have opportunities.

Corporate team concept: Respecting individuality and encouraging innovation must all contribute to enhancing the team's ability to create value for customers. The company is not a home, but a team that pays attention to division of labor, responsibilities, goals, and love. Wins are toasted, and defeats are desperately saved.

The company's view of doing things: to be the first, serious, pragmatic, and efficient, the first time to make a good decision, there must be data analysis.