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Leaders of Hainan Human Resources Development Bureau, Hainan Provincial Government Office in Guangzhou and Hainan Migrant Workers Service Association came to inspect and guide
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On the afternoon of May 23, Deputy Director Zhou Fazhen of the Development Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Human Resources Bureau, Director Yu Wanyi of the Hainan Provincial Government Office in Guangzhou, Director Xie Caiyou, Director of the Hainan Migrant Workers Service Association and other leaders visited our company for a visit. Chairman of the Board Mr. Su Huimin accompanied him throughout the journey.



Under the leadership of Chairman Su Huimin, the leaders first came to the company's conference room and listened to the detailed introduction of the company's development status, development direction and investment in recent years. After the introduction, a group of leaders visited the Engineering Test and R & D Center, Vulcanization Molding, Opening and other areas. During the visit, Mr. Su Fangyun, the manufacturing director, introduced the raw materials, production process and quality inspection process to the leaders in detail.



Subsequently, a group of leaders also held a discussion with employees of the company, and made a detailed understanding of the employees' working and living conditions in the company. At the meeting, employee representatives such as Huang Zhangyong and Wu Weicong made speeches.