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The company passed the city high-tech enterprise identification and won the director unit
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According to the company's strategic development requirements and the specific instructions of the company's leaders, the Ministry of Human Resources and Information undertakes the main annual tasks of organizing the company's 2017 high-level enterprise identification and being selected as the list of town-level multiplier enterprises, and through the preliminary announcement of the leading department and the planning of related programs The follow-up of the incident and the active cooperation of the brother departments such as control, finance, engineering, etc., made our company successfully selected into the list of town-level multiplier enterprises, and successfully recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. It has opened up a new situation for the company's plant resources, financing, taxation, talent introduction and other aspects facing the company's subsequent development, and obtained a series of preferential government policies.

In January 2018, the company was elected as the first director unit of Dongguan Hi-tech Industry Association.