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The company and Guangdong Petrochemical Institute held an industry-university-research cooperation and joint talent training class
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On the afternoon of December 27, 2017, Guangdong Belo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Petrochemical Institute signed an agreement on industry-university-research cooperation and joint talent training. Luo Shaorong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chemical Engineering, Vice Dean Qi Minhua, all teachers of the Department of Polymers, about 150 undergraduates in polymer undergraduate level, and about 150 people in undergraduate undergraduate level 16 participated in the signing ceremony.


According to the agreement, the two parties will carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of industry-university-research cooperation, talent cultivation, and student employment. Guangdong Bellow New Material Technology Co., Ltd. provides 87,000 yuan to the school every year to support 10 junior high school students who are interested in studying in the rubber industry to enter Dr. Fu Wen ’s research group and use their spare time to develop rubber Course learning. Students can voluntarily apply to our company for internship during the senior production internship stage. After the internship, they can sign a contract to work in our company first.

The signing ceremony is one of the important measures to implement the cooperation between the company and universities, which can effectively promote and introduce polymer professionals to our company for further study.