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The company passed the city high-tech enterprise identification and won the director unit
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Training is an enterprise's productivity and a doubled professional ability. In November 2017, the company and the Rubber Technology Network sincerely invited several teachers from Xuzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College to teach in our company. The course lasts 4 days (20th-23rd). The course content is all knowledge of the rubber industry. Professional and rich. The leaders of the company attached great importance to this training class, and cadres from various departments gave them great support. In the 4-day training course, more than 100 people have participated in the training. During the lecture, everyone listened attentively and took notes carefully.

Six training lecturers (Yang Hui, Zhang Zhaohong, Liu Juyuan, Zhang Xin, Conghou Luo, Liang Wenjun) have rich experience in teaching, among them are well-educated doctors and professors, and there are also experienced practical teachers in large enterprises. During the course of the lecture, the six teachers talked theory with practice, the lectures were vivid and interesting, and the classroom atmosphere was very active. Teacher Yang Hui gave a detailed explanation on the classification and characteristics of rubber. Teacher Zhang Zhaohong's design concepts, performance tests and calculation methods of popular rubber product formulations. Teacher Liang Wenjun used the field answering training method to solve the students' confusion with practical experience. Every course benefits everyone.

Training is an enterprise's productivity, a multiplied professional ability, a process to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness, and an enterprise's most valuable investment. The company's leaders have high expectations for every trainee participating in this training, hoping that everyone can apply what they have learned and display an extraordinary self in their positions.