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Six issues

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1. Product bubbles

A. Causes:

Rubber molding is a chemical change, and gas will be generated during the molding process. If it is not discharged in time, bubbles will form.

B. Countermeasures:

① Product structure design to minimize sharp corners

② Mold structure, easy to trap air to increase parting surface

③ Increase the number of exhausts and use a vacuum flat vulcanizer

④ Swing method, mold temperature

⑤ Recipe improvement

2. Product perforation

A. Causes:

The product is short of glue, there are impurities in the rubber material, the mold is dirty, and the mold is broken.

B. Countermeasures:

① Refer to the twelfth point of lack of glue

② Increase the filtration of rubber materials, on-site 5S management

③ Regularly clean the mold

④ Train personnel and do the first inspection