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1. Core seal of proportional valve:


The pressure-stabilizing diaphragm mainly controls the uniformity of the gas pressure air intake and achieves the constant temperature function. Our products ensure the effectiveness of the 68 value through strict air tightness monitoring, control of the wall thickness size of 0.1MM, mold high precision and product consistency. EN549 requirements.


The sealing ring acts on the second valve for sealing while taking into account the positive back pressure function of the valve opening cross section. The seals achieve good sealing and eliminate sticky valves through the arc surface dimension consistency and performance stability, which meets the requirements of EN549.


2. Core seal of solenoid valve:


The sealing cap acts on the sealing of the solenoid valve in the closed state and in the suction valve state. The smooth sealing surface of the product, the professional surface treatment and the performance stability ensure the stickiness and effectiveness of the entire valve body, which meets the requirements of EN549.


3. Core seal of plug valve:


The pipe clamp seal acts on the main passage of the plug valve snorkel. It has good sealing performance and stable performance through the arc of the product to meet the long-term high-temperature environment. The sealing performance is good and meets the requirements of EN549.