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In 2019, Bello and Juyan organized fire drills

In 2019, Bello and Juyan organized fire drills


In order to promote the publicity work of fire safety in summer, resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of fire accidents, improve the employees' fire safety prevention ability, and popularize the knowledge of fire safety, employee self-rescue and emergency handling. Belo and Julian invited the fire and security company staff to carry out fire safety drills at 8:00 am on June 22 and June 27 respectively.

The drill adheres to the policy of "prevention first, combined with fire prevention", and focuses on practical exercises. Simultaneously, theoretical training is carried out during the exercises, and practical training is provided to on-site employees through explanation and operation. During the training, employees were given detailed explanations on the key points of fire prevention in the factory area, initial fire suppression and operation methods of fire extinguishing equipment, and the overall fire prevention situation in the factory area was accurately analyzed. Training staff also combined with the characteristics of the plant layout, assuming a fire situation, organized the workers in the plant to carry out escape evacuation drills in accordance with the emergency plan, and guided the workers to carry out fire fighting and rescue in an orderly manner, and corrected their wrong practices in time to ensure the plant area in practical operation training. Staff members have effective skills in fire fighting and escape.