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2019 and Annual Meeting Activities

2019 and Annual Meeting Activities


On September 28, 2019, Belo, Juyan, Ningbo Precision 2019 and Annual Conference activities were grandly held at the Wenhua Hotel in Gaobu Town. Representatives of the office were invited to participate in this annual meeting. The theme of this annual meeting is "Forge ahead, create greater glories", Chairman Su Huimin summarized the work in 2019, affirmed the work of all employees, and looked forward to the development of 2020, The outstanding and advanced individuals and teams are commended. These many achievements have always been inseparable from the hard work of Bello and Juyan people. We are working hard together, fighting together and harvesting for our dreams. . Eighteen years of forging ahead, and never forgetting our original intentions, we are determined to be a long-term, a century-old enterprise.